Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Trip to the Little Smoke

We had to head into Launceston today to get my lovely wife's CPAP machine serviced today. She bought a replacement seal for her mask which I'm hoping will enable me to sleep tonight; last night was like trying to sleep in a wind tunnel.

While there, we had lunch at a cheap and cheerful Chinese place called Dumpling Paradise. The dumplings we had weren't spectacular, but the other dishes we got were surprisingly good.

My achievements for today:
  1. I drove a round trip of approximately 200Kms for a combined business, shopping and medical purpose. I do love to multi task.
  2. I did a first draft of a letter I need to work on to our local MP, the Communications Minister and NBN co to plead the case for our little village to have them replace our old corroded copper wire telecommunications infrastructure.
  3. I managed to update this blog for a third day in a row, a feat I've not managed for years.
Baby steps still, but I am getting more used to doing this everyday. With a little more perseverance I hope to make it a habit and expand on my levels of achievement; inertia is a hard thing to shift so I need to put in some effort in order to build up some momentum.

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